Kindle Shelf

I use technology and am not afraid of technology. But I’m always wanting to ask what the technology will do for me and what it will take away from me. So, I have resisted ANY temptation to put down money for an Amazon Kindle. I love the feel of a real book in my hand, the ability to mark it, and for that mark to be there when I flip through the book years later.

But when I read this article, and realized that even the heaviest book became light on the Kindle, I was momentarily intrigued.

But then later on, flipping through the magazine, (another pleasure lost on an electronic device) I found this cartoon, and whatever desire I had just totally disappeared. (To be fair, I believe that is an iPad in the cartoon.)

I still would like to hold one in my hand someday.

One thought on “Kindle Shelf

  1. That's a great cartoon. . .We've gotten rid of most of our bookshelves, but not all the books are packed yet. So, ummm. . . wow. . . it's like wading through a sea of books.Amazon now has an international Kindle. Yes, I'm tempted. But, I'm also frugal, and hate that you can't buy Kindle books at a used book store for a fraction of the price. . .

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