Our Friend Jenny…

…is now a published author!

Her book My Sister Rosa has just been published and is available through Amazon.

My wife and I have seen this book in its original form, as it was prepared as Jenny’s senior project for her illustration degree at Ringling College of Art and Design. The book is a wonderful story, based largely on Jenny’s own experience with an autistic brother, and reflects her tender heart and beautiful spirit.

Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.


UPDATE: The product description on the Amazon site describes this as a murder mystery. (“A routine trip to the local hardware store propels Chris Landrum into a world of revenge, hate, and murder….”) That is, uh, not quite accurate.

The correct description is here: “My Sister Rosa is a story about a a little girl with autism, named Rosa, and her life, activities, and problems are narrated by her big brother Tomas. They live in a small, hipanic community, and even though Tomas tries to include Rosa in his activities, she often plays within her own small world, this world is not understood by the other neighborhood children, and as a result, teasing ensues. As the good big brother, Tomas rises in defense and will eventually he will come to know his sister more and the world she lives in.”

UPDATE #2: The typos in the above are as they exist on the Crossbooks site. Not mine.


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