Dalmation Intellect

To say that my knowledge is spotty is to speak the obvious. I have spots of knowledge in a sea of ignorance. A map of my brain would look like a Dalmation’s coat.

That is why, the other day I heard a wonderful symphonic piece on the radio and found it vaguely familiar. I could not place where I’d heard it, but it was lovely. I quickly ran inside when I got home and turned on the radio there to keep listening and to hopefully catch the name of the piece. Turns out it was a selection from Swan Lake performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra and I soon thereafter bought and downloaded the piece from Amazon or iTunes, I can’t remember which.

That was operating in one patch in my brain which was completely disconnected from the patch that knew that we owned on cd the entire ballet performed by the St. Louis Symphony, a cd I discovered while doing some cleaning. This now resides on my computer and iPod.

Had those spots been earlier connected, I would have saved 99 cents. However, if you want a stirring portion of the ballet, I do recommend the above linked portion!