MPG on a Christmas Eve Candle

What is the manufacturer’s estimated MPG (Minutes Per Glow) on a Christmas Eve candle?

I don’t know. No where does the box indicate. So, we have to do our own experimentation.

I put a ‘candlelight service’ type candle in its sleeve (with sufficient candle below the sleeve for a hand to hold). I placed this in a cup on my desk and let it burn.

The picture shows the progress at the 40 minute mark.

I’d say we are looking at an MPG of at least an hour or more under laboratory conditions.

As they say, results may vary. Especially in the hands of a six year old….

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Note: If you would like to try this under real-life conditions, join us for our Christmas Eve worship at Hope Church Thursday night at 6:00 PM!

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At 60 minutes, the candle entered the ‘twilight’ stage.

At 75 minutes, the candle entered the ‘somewhat iffy’ stage.

At 90 minutes, the candled entered the ‘seriously iffy’ stage.

At 94 minutes, the paper sleeve caught on fire:

11 thoughts on “MPG on a Christmas Eve Candle

  1. MagistraCarminum

    You really ought to serve a church in Los Alamos. You have a definite case of what we call LAPD: Los Alamos Personality Disorder…

  2. Randy Greenwald

    I consider that a compliment.Except for the 'disorder' part of that.And Gail, I don't DARE try this at home myself. I have a wife…

  3. Randy Greenwald

    Service will be no longer than 93 minutes from the time we light our candles. I guarantee it. (Seriously, sixty minutes is tops.)

  4. TulipGirl

    "Service will be no longer than 93 minutes from the time we light our candles."*LOL* That settles it. . . we're opting for a shorter service! (Just kidding — though we will be at the IL's church in Venice Thursday night. . .)

  5. Matthew

    Dad, This has nothing to do with your blog but I was looking at the picture you have on here of you as a baby and it looks scarily like Isaiah. It also looks like another one of your sons and I don't mean Colin.Matthew

  6. Discoshaman

    Btw, thanks to you I was dropping knowledge at the ILs Christmas Eve service. They just looked at me weird when I said the candle could burn 93 minutes. . .

  7. Randy Greenwald

    Matthew – it's either Photoshop or genetics. You guess! If it's the latter, then you and Isaiah have some worrying to do!

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