Honey, Why Is that Man Standing in His Driveway in His Pajamas?

As our 18 year old daughter was leaving Sunday evening to go watch a movie with friends, she said, “Did you know there is a shower tonight?” Since our middle daughter was at that time attending a baby shower, we were a bit puzzled by what daughter number three was saying, but finally she clarified. She said that after the movie, she and her friends were going to go outside to watch the meteor shower.

That was Sunday evening.

Early Monday morning, about 2:00 AM (November 16) I awoke restlessly and could not go back to sleep. When this happens, I see no sense in staying in bed. I get up and do stuff, and eventually I fall back asleep.

As I lay there, I remembered what my daughter had said about the meteor shower, and so I got up and stumbled out to the driveway and looked skyward. And looked. And looked.

There I was, in my pajamas, looking at a clear, beautiful, starlit night, at 3:00 in the morning.

Nothing. No shooting stars. No falling stars. No movie stars. No nothing.

“That meteor shower was over-hyped,” I thought, and I went back inside.

Tonight at dinner, we were talking and my daughter piped up, “Ha! We had the wrong night on the meteor shower! It’s not until tonight!”


I’ll probably get up tonight, too. I’m on a mission now.