5 thoughts on “Tyler Perry on Sixty Minutes

  1. The Domestic Intellectual

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I've read a bit about him in the last few months that was very encouraging. I first "met" Medea when I made a campus visit to Berea in 2003 and thought she was hilarious! But then, I come from a background of large, dominant women, so she made sense to me.

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Something about the phrase 'large, dominant women' makes me smile and chuckle. Being 'large' and 'dominant' is not what makes Madea appealing, however. I think it is rather the fact that those around her know that she really cares for them. What do you think her appeal is?

  3. Gail and Keith

    Tyler Perry's movies not only portray redemption, but also the need to forgive, not only for the sake of the person asking for forgiveness, (and even when they don't) but also for the sake of the person doing the forgiving. Forgiving brings freedom to the forgiver. Madea is irreverent, but also provides comic relief in the very heavy themes that Perry brings to the screen. Madea has a caring heart though her methods are often unorthodox. I love every single one of Perry's movies and they are on my "wish list" formy very small DVD library. Those movies were what got me through a very severe week of anxiety attacks. I laughed, was sad, angry at the evilness of characters portrayed, but also rejoicing at the redemptive story. G

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