Too early to assess this book as great, as some have done, but the author certainly endears herself to me with this profound and highly accurate observation:

“The only purpose of cats is that they constitute mobile decorative objects….” (page 51)

(Pictured is the only cat ever allowed to live in my house, which my daughter brought home and hoped to endear to me by giving him the name ‘Calvin’. Nice try.)


2 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Gail and Keith

    I have to agree with the quote though nearly every one of my siblings and friends own a dearly loved cat who is part of the family. That's fine, as long as said cat stays in their house and not mine!

  2. Gus/Adri

    The only cat we ever had was a stray that one of our boys took pity of. After we spent money for sterilization, etc., she eventually went back to her old ways and was never seen again. She was not missed.G

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