The Best Parenting Advice

I’m a bad parent – I gave up reading parenting books long, long ago because they never seemed to help me and only succeeded in making me feel guilty.

So, today, not reading a parenting book, I came across what is without a doubt the best parenting advice ever offered. I still don’t do it, not with the consistency and intention that I should, because I’m a bad parent. But it certainly aims us in the right direction.

“It is surprising how seldom books on parenting talk about prayer. We instinctively believe that if we have the right biblical principles and apply them consistently, our kids will turn out right. But that didn’t work for God in the Garden of Eden. Perfect environment. Perfect relationships. And still God’s two children went bad.

“Many parents, including myself, are initially confident we can change our child. We don’t surrender to our child’s will (which is good), but we try to dominate the child with our own (which is bad). Without realizing it, we become demanding….

“Until we become convinced we can’t change our child’s heart, we will not take prayer seriously….”

Paul E. Miller, A Praying Life, pages 168-169

5 thoughts on “The Best Parenting Advice

  1. TulipGirl

    My mom has told me just how important prayer is in raising children. I know that, like other gentle words of advice she's given in the past, that I'm acknowledging them and agreeing — but not truly understanding. . . I have a feeling that as the years go on, I'll pray more and understand more.One thing that I am oh-so-thankful for is knowing how my paternal grandmother prayed for each of her children and grandchildren every day. Faithfully. And I can see the fruit. . . even though many of us are still struggling, still finding our way in faith.It has been an illustration to me of the covenant family. . .

  2. CindyC

    My grandma always said "God helps those who help themselves." I think this means prayer and working diligently at something bear fruit over time. It's the "over time" thing I get hung up on!

  3. Randy Greenwald

    How fortunate to have had a Grandma whose words you can remember. I'd take that a step further – that God helps those who are helpless. That is why prayer is so necessary.

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