Of Moons and Slide Rules

I hate to pile posts upon posts, and it seems I’ve been posting a ton recently, but I can’t let this one go without linking it.

Forty years ago today, men walked on the moon for the very first time. I woke up this morning pondering the amazing image seen last night replayed on TV of an engineer working on the original design of the F1 engine, five of which were used to launch the Saturn V rocket into space. He was sitting there with a pile of papers and a slide rule.

That’s how this magnificent machine was built.

With that in mind, I just read this post which expands upon the wonder of this accomplishment of a dream. It’s a fascinating (and short) read.

It contains a link to a site where NASA is streaming in real time, forty years delayed, the actual continuous audio between Mission Control in Houston and the Apollo crew. Fascinating, though, as I type, I think the astronauts are sleeping. Not a lot being said!

So, sorry for all the chatter here at Somber and Dull lately. But I couldn’t leave this one be. I’d like to grow reflective on this, and speak of the passion and creativity involved in pursuing dreams, and of not letting one’s dreams die… but I’ve said enough.