The Fruit of a Pastor’s Scholarly Heart

It is probably a bad idea to recommend a book that you have never seen much less read.

In most cases, no doubt, it is. But not in this one.

Dr. David McWilliams is the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, Florida, and a dear friend of mine. That in and of itself does not guarantee literary quality, of course. But I know David to be a careful scholar with a deep pastoral concern for God’s people. When one brings those two qualities together with a good mix of communicative competence, the result is worth embracing.

As a friend I know that David is familiar in his personal experience with the issues confronted by Paul in Galatians. Like us all, he has confronted the struggles of living joyously free in Christ without falling over the edge into legalism. This produces a pastoral tenderness in all David’s exposition. I’m sure it will be reflected here.

Thanks, David, for your labor, and Covenant Presbyterian, for granting your pastor the freedom to use his rich gifts for the blessing of the church.

The book can be found here or here.