Get Local Culture – Friday and Saturday

This Friday and Saturday night, Hope Church in Bradenton, the church I pastor, will metamorphose into an art gallery and coffee house. We’ve done this for four straight years, and each year it gets bigger and improves.

Our heart here is to build bridges into the community by providing a venue for local artists and musicians to display their work. A number of local artists and local musicians will be displaying their art and performing their music in a coffee house atmosphere that we think is absolutely unique in the Manatee / Sarasota County community.

Here is our flyer for the event (click for a larger image):

We guarantee that the quality of what is displayed and performed will be top notch. Since TulipGirl has listed links to some of the artists and musicians, I will direct you there for more info.

This is not a strictly ‘Christian’ event. Some of the art is by artists who are Christians, and some of the music, but not exclusively so. Our desire here is to simply say to artists of all stripes that we care about what they do and to provide them a venue to display and play.

That’s where you come in. You can help show your appreciation for local art and music by coming. The atmosphere will be relaxed. Come, sit on a couch, stroll among the art, listen to the music, sip on some Starbucks Coffee (graciously provided by our nearby SB), and snack on some fine pastries. It’s a great date night.

We (and the artists/musicians) would love to see you both nights.