Photoshop Thinnification

I’ve occasionally railed against Barbie Dolls because of what they do to girls’, ordinary girls’, self acceptance.

Not it appears that it is Photoshop that is the culprit in many a false image.

Sara Zarr is an author of young adult fiction, and I appreciate her candor and courage in this post about a photo shoot for her third novel. It’s a fascinating account, to me. But more importantly I appreciate her willingness to admit the struggle involved in looking good, maintaining good health, and accepting ourselves as God made us.

She says,

I am just really tired of and sad about my friends and random women and girls being so unhappy with themselves because they don’t look like women they see in magazines, who are uber-retouched, limbs lengthened, flesh carved away, etc. And tired of men thinking that’s how women look.

There is a bit of language here. But, hey – she was a bit upset.