How NOT to Watch a Super Bowl

How NOT to watch a Super Bowl:

1. Watch three quarters cheering for Arizona.

2. Decide at beginning of fourth quarter with the score 20 – 7 that AZ has no chance, turn off TV and read a book.

3. Turn TV back on after a while to see what the score is. Discover that AZ is now UP by 3, and you missed ten remarkable minutes of football, just in time to see Pittsburgh begin a drive resulting in an eventual game winning touchdown.

That is how NOT to watch a Super Bowl.

It IS how I watched it, I fear.

For a completely different angle on watching a televised football game, read this. Fascinating. (Written, by the way, by the author of Blackhawk Down, a man with obviously diverse interests.)

2 thoughts on “How NOT to Watch a Super Bowl

  1. Randy Greenwald

    The superstitious side of me notes that when I was watching, Pittsburgh did well, when I did not watch, AZ did well. But I would not reveal that superstitious side of me in public, so let’s keep it between the two of us.

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