He’s Human!

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a big fan of the preaching of my old friend* Tim Keller. The guy is just so good. (Now if Redeemer would only remove the copyright restrictions they attach to the sermons they distribute, I could pass these on to others, but they have chosen not to do that. You can get free sermons here.)

This afternoon, I was listening to an amazing sermon on the genealogies of Matthew 1 which Keller preached this past Sunday. Wonderfully encouraging and challenging, as usual. But I heard proof that the master is human.

In talking about the children birthed by Tamar to the patriarch Judah, Dr. Keller said that it came about by an act of incense.

(Reminds me of the time I pronounced Bono’s name with two long o’s, or when I said that something which was ‘skewed’ was ‘skewered’ or when I, well, the list is too long.)

Yup, it’s good for us mortals to see that others are human now and then.

*I met him and shook his hand once before he went to NYC. That qualifies, doesn’t it?

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