Randy Sends a Text Message

Prepare to be underwhelmed.

I am generally adept at most things technical, but one skill I’ve never mastered is texting. So, on Monday, with my daughter at Starbucks, I was given a lesson in the finer points. I had taken a picture Sunday, which I knew that I could send to some folks from my phone, but tried with no success. So, in about 4.5 nanoseconds, J showed me how.


Technically, I don’t ‘have’ texting on my phone. That is, we pay for each text sent and received. So, don’t send me a text. But this one indulgence was enough to show me that it could be very addictive.

Now, get this: on my OWN I figured out how to send the picture to my own email inbox! Whoa.

Anyway, here is the picture. It is of our musicians rehearsing for our worship and prayer time Sunday night.


3 thoughts on “Randy Sends a Text Message

  1. Gus/Adri

    Troglodytes that we are – and frugal, as you know – don’t expect any such from us, and don’t send any our way either!One of us can more easily remember some phone numbers and press the buttons quickly, rather than find the list, scroll down etc. The E’s

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