The Day the Earth Stood Still

December 12, the trailer says, is, ominously, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Actually, it is simply the date on which Scott Derrickson’s remake of the classic cold-war era sci fi feature will be released. I’m skeptical of remakes of classics, but Derrickson is a Christian whose The Exorcism of Emily Rose was very well done, so, I’m withholding judgment.

However, today I could use some earth standing still. I have a lot to do. My sermon needs more time to develop. I have some difficult tasks facing me this afternoon. There is just a lot on my plate.

So then, to my delight, I came into my study this morning to find that my wall clock is stopped at 12:39 AM. It has not moved since I came in. It shows that I got here VERY early, and that I’ve gotten quite a bit done since coming in and yet no time has yet elapsed.

My prayers are answered.

Sort of.

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