Where Have All the Editors Gone? – the Egg on Your Face Edition

Early this morning was posted on this blog a piece about sloppy mistakes in pop culture. I pointed out obvious errors in the movie My Life Without Me and in the book State of Fear by Michael Crichton. The problem is, I did not submit this post to an editor before posting it. My wife (and editor) called me having great fun at my expense, pointing out that I had listed the author of the book as Tom Clancy. She thought for a moment that I had done it on purpose as a little tongue in cheek bit of irony. No. If you could have seen beyond the egg on my face you would have seen the red face of embarrassment.

Ah, humility. How often have I tasted thee!

But, in retrospect, Barb demonstrates to me the value of a good editor. She keeps me from embarrassing myself. I have returned and fixed the post before many of you saw it. But, of those of you who did see it, how many CAUGHT the mistake? If you saw it, keep in mind that I put it there on purpose, as a test. Yep. That was why.

One thought on “Where Have All the Editors Gone? – the Egg on Your Face Edition

  1. Anonymous

    I caught it; and – sorry – but I don’t believe your reason (excuse?!) for why it was there.Kudos to Barb. What would you do without her. (Don’t answer; we already know, so that was a rhetorical question.)–aePS – sorry, but sometimes I have to laugh at the word verification “words” e.g. “dizinin.” Do you put them there deliberately, based on who is commenting? It feels to me too close to “dizzy ninny” or “ditsy nincompoop.”

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