Miscellaneous travels of an ADD mind:


In the technolust department… one of our enlightened HPC members came to church a week ago Sunday with one of these:

I’ve got to make mine last another two or three years. Sigh.


Great advice here:

Clipped from this site. (I could not figure out how to link to the precise cartoon. So, risking copyright violation, I cut and pasted. Sorry!)


This is pretty cool.


Geoff sent me this picture.

I knew that Joe Maddon was a renaissance man, but acting?


This will make you who travel both more irritated and less secure… so, I suppose not reading it is the best advice. But it is very interesting.

TSA has responded here.


Something unusual for this time of year:

Michigan St. remains on course for share of Big Ten title

Whoa… what parallel dimension have I walked into?