A Tool for More Disciplined Personal Prayer

Of course any old alarm clock will do. Go to bed on time, set the alarm, and stay up when it awakens you.

Yes, any old alarm clock will do for such a purpose. Pictured, however, is my precious Boston Acoustics Receptor radio. It is simple in design, elegant in appearance, and stunning in sound reproduction. I’m listening to it as I type. This was not cheap and I was enabled to buy this one through the generosity of a friend. When purchased, this mono unit was so well engineered for sound quality that it compared favorably, and in some reviews surpassed, the Bose Wave radio costing twice as much (and occupying three times as much space on the bedside). I expect to be awakened by this solid radio for many years.

This model has been phased out and replaced with a both a mono and a stereo unit.

Yes, any old alarm clock will rouse us for prayer, or work, or whatever. But to have one which is a pleasure to listen to any time, that is a treat.

One thought on “A Tool for More Disciplined Personal Prayer

  1. Andrea Rowe

    I think the “stay up when it awakens you” part is the hardest….but then again, you also have to do the “go to bed on time” part. That is the hardest part for me!

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