Nature’s Brutality

The world is a cruel and heartless place. Outside my window is a hawk with something gripped tightly in its talons at which it occasionally takes a peck. Whatever it is still has some mobility, as the hawk is not completely stable in his ability to feast.

What is poignant is the repeated fly-bys of a much smaller bird – is it a mockingbird? – intended to disrupt the hawk and his meal. The smaller bird’s flight brushes against and under the hawk, but the hawk is undeterred. I presume the hawk has raided the bird’s nest and has taken a child.

This is the world of sin and death. This is what hawks must do to survive.

And it makes me wonder: what will the new earth be like? Will hawks still feast on raided nests? Or will the hawk and mockingbird reside as the lion and the lamb? My mind cannot wrap around that.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Brutality

  1. Geoffsnook

    Good thoughts on the Hawk. We had one trying to come through our glass window on three separate occasions. Not sure what he wanted, but man those things are cool.In the new heavens and earth, a better question to ask is this: will snook eat mullet or other bait fish? I sure hope so, because it is so cool to watch them get popped on top! But for sure, stupid porpoises won’t eat snook. But will we? Will we be hitting up vegetables more often? Will we be vegans?

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