If you do not live in the Tampa Bay area, you are probably unfamiliar with the local mohawk fad. You see, as a sign of team solidarity, the Tampa Bay Rays team members (and even manager Joe Maddon) began sporting mohawk haircuts. Soon, the fans got in on the act. One local kid was sent to in-school suspension for wearing one to school. (He was eventually rewarded by being granted on-field access before one of the recent playoff games by players who did not want to see a fan punished!)

Not wanting to be left behind, Colin and I visited our beloved Barb(er) tonight to celebrate the Rays winning the American League Championship. My hair is not quite long enough to make the mohawk obvious. Colin, however, looks sharp!

9 thoughts on “Rayhawks

  1. Amy

    I can’t believe my conservative, laid-back, father-in-law has a mohawk! Excuse me…a Rayhawk. And to think that you are spreading this wild abandon of culturally accepted haircuts to your young, impressionable son… shameless. You’ll only have yourself to blame if Colin becomes a fanatical Rays fan. I hope you’ll be able to live with yourself:) (I think it looks great!)

  2. Anonymous

    I thought you were joking! I WAS joking! I feel like such a wimp. Now I REALLY have to go buy a shirt….Staci

  3. Randy Greenwald

    Thanks, Audra. By the way, great looking site.And Snowbot, it’s ‘had’, not ‘has’, I fear. Someone once said, “What we have hear is a failure of nerve.”Yep.So, Staci, buy the shirt. But don’t feel wimpish.

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