Geoff Hits a Home Run

Geoff Henderson, the associate pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church, has had a good season at the plate. He has consistently hit the ball out of the infield, often for extra bases.

But with his recent blog series on nostalgia (here and here), he has hit a home run. Very insightful.

Geoff submitted an article based upon the same themes to the local newspaper for publication, and it was published yesterday, but in a severely edited form. You can download the full, unedited article here.

Good work, Geoff!

[PS for Geoff, if you read this, well, about the picture – I couldn’t resist!]

One thought on “Geoff Hits a Home Run

  1. Geoffsnook

    I like the Picture. It has the tongue out, so that’s pretty close. Better than the picture the Bradenton Herald usually uses for me!

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