Vote for a New Layout

I chose the title and layout for this blog some time back when I was just playing around and not sure I even wanted to blog. The more now that I stare at the orange banner, the more I want to change.

I’m limited, I think, to the standard layout templates Blogger provides, so mine will still look like a kazillion others out there. But within those confines I’ve chosen several to preview. I need your input. Check out each of the previews below, and vote for the one you prefer I use.

Feel free to tell me to ditch all four and go back to the drawing board, if that is your opinion.

The polls are now open…


#1 (the current configuration)




8 thoughts on “Vote for a New Layout

  1. TulipGirl

    I like two or three. . . IMO, the most important thing is whether it is readable, easy on the eyes, with plenty of white space. (And yes, I have a large print Bible, too — have since I was 17!)One of the sites I like content-wise I rarely visit because it is so hard to read.

  2. Gail and Keith

    Three is my choice with two as a close, close 2nd. Both are readable, pleasing to the eye, warm, coffee and cream-like. :-)Gail

  3. The Domestic Intellectual

    #3 seems to fit your content and style, although I am partial to #4 with a different color scheme… but that is the one that I use on my blog and it fits ME well… not necessarily you:-)

  4. Rebekah

    I think there’s too much background mess in #2, so I vote no to that one. I don’t see anything inherently wrong with the current scheme, but I do like #3 or #4 (#3 for the color, #4 for the font, but the excessive whiteness of #4 is very, very, white).

  5. Seth

    I, being steeped in the International Style, am partial to #4. I like the cleanness and the font. However, since I read the blog via Mail, I rarely have/get to see it, unless I post. So take my opinion (keep in mind it is an aesthetically trained opinion 🙂 ) for what it is.

  6. Andrea Rowe

    I haven’t seen any blogs with 4, so that might be a good reason to go with that one, along with the attractive font.

  7. Gus/Adri

    I too like #2; I’m partial to brown, and had the same thought as another commenter about the brown fitting with somber and dull.–ae

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