8 thoughts on “My ‘Post’ Office

  1. MagistraCarminae

    Ok- as much as I respect Chick-fil-A (we don’t have them around my neck of the woods, unfortunately) I must say it does present a different picture than I had of you writing your posts. Somehow I was envisioning you in a dimmly-lit, comfortably overstuffed chair, with the aroma of roasting coffee and baking yeast breads and pastries, not eau-de-oil-fryer…

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Yes, kind of destroys the atmosphere. I actually work on this during ‘family night’ while Colin, Isaiah, and 392 other kids under that age of ten bounce around. Sometimes there is a clown there playing “Old MacDonald” on a cassette tape full volume so the deaf children (I suppose) can hear the song. I like your picture better. But where’s my pipe? Wouldn’t I need a pipe? 🙂

  3. MagistraCarminae

    Yes, a pipe, and possibly a glass of scotch, and while we’re at it, let’;s throw in a fireplace, and a sweater with leather elbow patches…

  4. Randy Greenwald

    I’m with you, but if we go this far, I definitely am going to have to ditch the laptop, perhaps for a yellow legal pad. That will make posting a bit more complicated, to be sure, but the laptop clashes with the rest of the scene. And with the fireplace, I believe I’m going to need some cooler weather. So, we may have to part with Florida.And please, make it a cup of tea. I’m not prudish, but I’m not sure scotch and I will agree. And one thing further: no cats. Do not suggest a cat curled up at the foot of the chair. I don’t like cats. (Which is odd, since fully erect bi-pedal cows don’t seem to bother me.)

  5. TulipGirl

    Nah, laptops don’t class with the scene, as long as you are using a Mac. Right?And you can get a pipe from S. E. Thile, one that would really fit the image.

  6. Randy Greenwald

    Absolutely right. The MacBook will blend in well with the rest. And the pipe would be purely cosmetic. Smoking has never been my way of calming frazzled nerves. For that M&Ms are my drug of choice, I'm afraid.

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