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In the car yesterday, I heard an Obama campaign spot stating that John McCain has ‘stood in the way’ of stem cell research. The ad was set in such a way that it implied, of course, that McCain did not care if little girls were afflicted with diabetes. Cruel hearted man.

The fact is that the ad was a lie. And researching that led me to a very helpful resource: Think Consumer Reports analyzing the claims of political candidates, and you get the picture.

As to the stem cell question, this issue is at the top of this web site. Here you can hear the audio of the spot and then read what the candidate’s stated positions actually are.

In fairness, we should note that McCain-Palin takes it on the chin as well.

Amazing – a source for actual reality without spin. Very helpful. Useful for political cynics of whatever persuasion.

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4 thoughts on “Helpful Political Resource

  1. Seth

    This is why I hate presidential election races. Nobody fights fair. It is always a spin game where you make yourself look good by implying that the other guy (or gal) is one step away from being the spawn of Satan. Blatant disrespect for the office of the President is rampant these days, but how can we expect the American people to respect their leaders when they do everything they can to disrespect each other?

  2. Randy Greenwald

    One could claim that ads are put out by an overly zealous campaign machine, but they always end, “I’m Candidate X and I approved this message.” If indeed you approved it, then you have to abide by what is said therein. And if what is said is a lie or a distortion, can we trust you to lead us as president? Thus far it seems as if neither qualifies on that ground. Pretty frustrating, I agree.

  3. Matthew

    I to was hoping that the ads this season could focus on what Candidate X stands for and less how many lollypops Candidate Y has stolen from small children.

  4. Randy Greenwald

    Funny, isn’t it. The McCain ads focus on Obama, and the Obama ads focus on McCain. Glad this is a positive campaign…

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