Stark Ray-ving Mad

Thanks to Staci for putting me on to this article: Suddenly, we’re all stark Ray-ving mad

The article catches the phenomenon this has been. It also catches the wonderful aesthetics of the Trop:

“…a domed park that looks like a garbage can with its lid on crooked.”

Yup. That about captures it!

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3 thoughts on “Stark Ray-ving Mad

  1. Randy Greenwald

    Here’s the thing on the magic number. It is calculated with both teams playing 162 games. It is possible for a tie to occur. So, the magic number has to be calculated in such a way that the winning team ends up 1 game ahead of the other in the standings. For that to happen, the Ray’s number is ‘2’.In this case, however, should the Rays and Red Sox end up in a tie, the Rays get the nod because they took the season series from the Sox. So, since the Rays win a tie, the number is reduced to ‘1’. I’m still holding out for a clear cut win… I want the Rays in fact to finish at least 2 games ahead of Boston. And the pipe dream is that the Angels do the impossible and lose three of their last four games to allow the Rays to overtake them in the wins department. Not likely, though.

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