Luck in Baseball: the Fan Edition

I mentioned a week or two ago the roll that luck plays in baseball. There was a freaky example of that in Boston on Monday night. Here is one report of what happened:

With Cleveland ahead 4-2, Boston had runners at first and second with two outs in the sixth.

Jeff Bailey then lined the ball inside third base. Umpire Gerry Davis signaled it was fair, but the ball hit him and stopped just beyond the infield dirt. Third baseman Jamey Carroll picked it up, and Bay, who had rounded third, was caught in a rundown and tagged out.

“When I hit the ball I thought it would kick off the side wall and I thought we’d get at least one run,” Bailey said. “When I saw Carroll getting the ball, I was wondering what happened.”

To see this on video brings home just how bizarre this play was. If the ball did not hit the umpire, the tying run would have scored, and the outcome of the game altered.

We know that even what we observe as chance is subject to the overseeing providence of God. So, we thank Him for our own bit of luck.

You see, the only way lowly chumps like me can get playoff tickets for the Rays first ever playoff series is to enter names in a lottery. Seats that are not assigned to season ticket holders are made available at random to names drawn from those entered in the lottery.

Last night, I found out that my name had been selected. So, today, I am the proud owner of tickets to attend the first and second games played here in the American League division series.

That piece of ‘luck’ has excited me!

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