A Take on Homosexuality

I don’t know how long this will be accessible on line, but it is not only a clear assessment of the place of homosexuality in the pantheon of sin and a model for how to express such convictions in a public forum. Here is a portion.

“Unknown to most people, God really does care about those who struggle with being gay. To God, it’s not the unpardonable or worse thing. It’s simply one way people try to deal with the internal pain and chaos of the heart. It organizes our experience and feelings into a framework that makes sense to us. This is true for those who are Christians and those who aren’t.

”The good news is that God can handle it. No issue of the human heart is off limits or too taboo for him to understand or take on. He came to take upon himself those events and things that cause us the greatest pain and shame. However he won’t just take away bad and uncomfortable feelings. If he did, he would really be short-changing us.

“Although he always accepts us in whatever state we come to him, his love for us is such that he will never leave us where he finds us. God often intervenes with a dangerous and disruptive kind of love. It tends to topple the castles we’ve built.”

John Freeman is a compassionate and bold man who directs Harvest USA. We are nurturing a hope that he will be able to speak at HPC sometime this winter. Read the whole article. It is not long.

Note: Here is another helpful approach to this public debate.

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One thought on “A Take on Homosexuality

  1. MagistraCarminae

    The work of Harvest USA is pretty amazing, and I have benefited from reading their newsletter, often with articles by John Freeman. We need to treat homosexuals like we do every other brand of sinner: love them like Christ did. That is possible without condoning sin, but not easy.

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