The Air We Breathe

I have for twenty plus years lived and breathed a culture of extreme conservatism. I have not only smoked Rush Limbaugh, but I inhaled. For a while, I was into the harder stuff – even a few trips on Rushdoony, I must confess. Many of my friends continue to do so, though I gave up the nasty habits several years ago.

That culture has created an industry of mockery and mistrust of everything but business and free market economics. One of the targets of this mockery has been those who have fought hard over the years for higher environmental standards. I joined in the mockery.

But the other day, I rode my bike to work. I marveled at the clear blue sky overhead, the norm for life here on ‘the Suncoast’. And I could not help but compare that to the pictures being beamed back from Beijing or to the stories I’ve heard of Mexico City and elsewhere in the world. I breathed and relished the beauty of God’s creation.

And I began to think – perhaps those ‘environmental wackos’ have not been so wacko at all. Perhaps we owe them not mockery but thanks. Perhaps we need to take care what we smoke.

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2 thoughts on “The Air We Breathe

  1. Rebekah

    And this is why I don’t label myself “Right-Wing Conservative” anymore… It doesn’t make any sense to not regulate things that let us breathe freely!

  2. Randy Greenwald

    Those ‘Vote Obama’ signs would probably call into question your membership in the vast Right Wing Conspiracy anyway… 🙂

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