Reformed, Catholic, and Charismatic

Let me refer you to Geoff’s blog again where he is not afraid to clearly expose what he finds to be some problematic thinking and practice. In a recent post he critiqued those who seem to use the Holy Spirit as an excuse for their careless or inappropriate comments. At the same time he was not afraid a few days later to speak of the Spirit’s leadership in his own life, a message (a great sermon, by the way, and worth listening to) that caused some to raise eyebrows, and him to offer an explanation.

One of the comments to his blog made mention of having been affiliated with people of a ‘charismatic persuasion’, which made me think of a desire that I have. I would like to be a reformed, charismatic catholic. It’s possible, isn’t it?

My reformed theology gives me a grand vision of God and a bottomless reservoir of well-founded hope.

At the same time, I must be dependent upon the gift-giving Spirit of God. Far more than I do I should seek his giftedness and lead the congregation I serve to do the same, all for the edification of his church and the building up of his kingdom. I want, you see, to be more charismatic.

As well, I’ve had to learn over the years that the church is bigger than my church and that the kingdom is bigger than my denomination. The work of God will be carried on by a large, universal body of God’s people spread across political and cultural boundaries and across denominational lines. The church is universal; it is catholic. And I’m excited (or should be) to see it prosper in colors with which I might not be personally comfortable.

That is, I want to be a reformed, charismatic catholic.

Yes, I see the equivocation in this, but I hope I, and others, see the importance of it.

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