Thoughts on The Dark Knight

I watched The Dark Knight Friday afternoon, along with, it seems, half the country. I’m not really prepared to say a great deal about it, though the rest of my family here loved it (one daughter and my wife saw it twice).

I’ve puzzled over my reaction to the film, though I will say that Heath Ledger‘s Joker is as good as everyone was saying it was. Surprising to me, though, was how good Aaron Eckhart played his part as Harvey Dent. And having just been to Chicago, I enjoyed spotting places I had been (a good portion of the film was shot in Chicago). The two and one half hours did not drag. I was thoroughly entertained.

That all said, I have been stumped and unable to put into words my thoughts regarding the film. Another, however, has done it for me, with greater sensitivity than I could ever have mustered. These comments are from Margie Haack who with her husband Dennis spearheads the ministry of Ransom Fellowship. Here is a portion of what she has said, but I encourage you to click through and read the whole:

At the end of the Dark Knight I was left in want of a hero large enough to make life meaningful again, someone who could bring light to the set, who could heal the lives ruined by injustice, crime, ambition, violence. The Batman, the faltering, finite hero we love, disappears into the night still determined to try to fix the world, but everyone, including him, knows how impossible and grievous this calling will be.

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