Barb and I had a wonderful week in Chicago. We are so grateful for the hospitality and kindness of our friends Bill and Karen Mills who hosted us on Monday and abandoned us downtown on Tuesday. We are grateful as well to the elders of HPC who carried on so well in my absence.

And we are especially grateful to our two daughters, Hannah and Jerusha, who in such a grown-up way gave us a great anniversary gift by caring for the house and for our seven year old Colin in our absence. You guys are tops!

You don’t want me to give a full report on our trip – that would be too tedious for all. However, two thoughts for which I invite your comments:

What we could give Chicago:

Grits. Would it be so difficult for a northern restaurant to whip up a pot of grits every morning for southern tourists? I just can’t comprehend a breakfast without the grits, and I grew up in Ohio!

What Chicago could give us:

Softball. Real softball. What the rest of the world plays is simply hardball with a big ball. In Chicago they play softball with a ball that is massive (16-inch circumference) and so soft that one does not need to play with gloves. Seemed like a great idea observed from a distance.

Our thanks to God for this great gift of time away.

(The photo, for those of you who do not know, was taken at Gino’s East, a famous Chicago deep-dish pizza place, where one is encouraged to leave graffiti! We did.)

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2 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Gail and Keith

    That is a great picture of you and Barb! chicago is a neat city with lots to see and do. Another fantastic pizza place is The Silo in Lake Bluff near Libertyville. It’s at least 30 years since we’ve been to the Silo, but it’s still a popular dining spot. G

  2. TulipGirl

    I’ve driven by the Silo numerous times. . . never eaten there. I agree–love the picture. So glad y’all had a fabulous time!

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