Many magical things will be happening in the upcoming week.

First, the Greenwald family will be hiding out at a campsite in North Carolina and will be having a great time together. That in itself is magic. No it’s not. It’s the gracious providence of a very kind God. Imagine thirteen people who actually like each other and are actually related to one another. We are so grateful for the opportunity.

Second, we will be nearly completely out of touch. That should have a certain magical quality to it. We will be deep in the woods – out of reach of internet, cell phone reception, and hot water. Magical.

Third, and this is the real magic, I will continue to post. It will be by magic, but posts will appear. However, I will not be able to respond so your comments. So, if you ask a question or make some kind of comment that needs a response, it will look as if I am ignoring you. I’m not. I’ll catch up when I return. Well, I’m going to take a hot shower first.


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