The Emerging Blogger

I am an emerging blogger.

No, not that kind of emerging. I am certainly not hip enough for that. Rather, I am emerging from under a pile of other stuff to actually compose a post for this blog. I’m doing this because 75% of my readers (that is, three of you) have urged me to do so.

I ceased posting simply because I could not find a time that could be slotted as ‘blog time’. I sense value in posting here. However, there are many things that are worthwhile for a pastor to do. There must be a slot in the schedule for this to happen, if it is going to happen. I’ve not been willing to bump other important things for this.

Part of the time crunch for me has been two of my children getting married in the past eight weeks. That has been something of a (happy!) distraction. But that is only part of the picture.

Some other things have peeled away and has freed up some slots of time, so here I am, back, emerging from the pile I’ve been under.

I will not be as diligent as my energetic colleague Geoff. I aim for at least one post per week, ordinarily on Monday. There will be some eager weeks which will have more, and there will be off weeks when there will be nothing. But if I can meet the small goal, perhaps the goal can be increased.

We’ll see. For those of you who missed this, thanks for the encouragement!

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