Request for counsel

In response to an earlier post, a friend replied with a question:

“How does an introverted mom of four young children recharge?”

I’ve never been an introverted mom – actually, I’ve never been a mom of any stripe. So, I thought I’d throw this question out for consideration. I know that the number of readers of this blog could probably be crammed into a VW bus with lots of room to spare. However, that does not mean there is not wisdom out there.

The questioner, I believe, recognizes this distinction between the introvert and the extrovert: the introvert recharges, draws renewed strength for interaction with others, by being alone. The extrovert recharges, is energized, not drained, by being with others. What does the poor introverted mother do to find that alone time that she needs in order to regain her energy and perspective?

Here is one idea, though I’m not sure we would recommend it.

Any suggestions, other than large dosages of drugs for the children?

4 thoughts on “Request for counsel

  1. Staci Thomas

    Well, as an introverted mother of four young children (yes…I am an introvert…I crave alone time…I call Give-Me-Alone-Time the Sixth Love Language), I find that reading and running are the only ways to effectively “recharge”. Anna Karenina is providing a lovely escape these days. My early morning exercise routine is a great way to find energy when I thought there was none. By far, though, reading the Bible is my lifeline. I’m at the point where I crave it and can’t live without it, and I know that my four darling children have brought me to that point. I craved far lesser things years ago when I had more time and less children.The following question is one that I am often asked: “Where do you find the time to read and exercise?” My answer is always this: “Early morning and late at night.” That answer is ALWAYS follwed with this question: “How much sleep do you need?” My reply usually goes something like this: “It is not sleep I need. It is the coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.” :-)Staci

  2. MagistraCarminae

    I laugh at the “Kidstoned” commercial, and at Staci’s “coffee” comment. As an extrovert, I may not be the best to suggest anything… but time with the Lord in peace and quiet seems only to happen for any of us early or late, and that seems important for all of us as moms, either introverts or extroverts.I would also suggest you look for ways to keep your schedule simple, and train even the littles among your kids that everyone in the house has “quiet” time: a time when, for 10 minutes at first, and then larger mounts of time, everyone is expected to be quiet in ones own bed (sleeping, looking at books, or other quiet, individual activities). I used this, and have known lots of moms of big families for whom this was a precious quiet break in the day!And when I needed to recharge and couldn’t seem to find the time or opportunity to do it, I tried to remember that the Lord brings rest when we need it, and if He wasn’t bringing it, I probably didn’t need it as much as I thought I did. :-)Praying for you today-Chris in NM

  3. Anonymous

    Good advice in the previous two comments. In addition: ask a trusted granny type in your church or neighborhood to come and spend an hour (each week?) with your children, to read to them or watch a good video. She’d probably be delighted.Set a timer and stick to the agreed upon time so that you don’t abuse her willingness to help. Your children must know you are not to be interrupted except in case of fire, broken bones, or other great bodily harm. Besides reading the Bible, prayer, and meditation, take time to read a novel. Anna Karenina is great but something like Jan Karon’s Mitford series with its short chapters may be more do-able in limited time slots.Do you knit, crochet, or do needlework? A simple project can be great therapy. Again, stay within the time limit; it’s tempting to do “just one more row….”One hour a week isn’t much time, but it’s a start. It may even expand to more time as mutually agreed upon.

  4. Gail and Keith

    It’s time for the Somber and Dull blogger to begin posting now that there are no weddings planned for the foreseeable future. G

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