Dying That We Might Live

Received a few minutes ago an e-mail message from a friend in South Africa urging us to pray for an area in eastern Uganda where an outbreak of ebola virus is being experienced. This is personally of interest since a seminary classmate of mine lives as a missionary in the very town where the outbreak has occurred. He and his family are currently out of the country, but some of his colleagues are still there. One has already died from the disease, along with dozens of others since the outbreak was reported ten days ago.

The question which medical missionaries face in such circumstances is whether to stay and care for the sick and dying, at the risk of one’s own life, or to flee.

I sit here in the comfort of my own home, the most critical crisis being a broken stove (more on that, hopefully, later). I blog, but about largely trivial things. I would encourage you, however, to begin to peruse the blog of Scott and Jennifer Myhre. This is a couple seeking to minister the grace of Jesus in the heart of the infected region. This gives us a window into life in the midst of tragedy as it happens on the other side of the world. Read this and pray.


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