Keep Going?

Back in March I made this simple commitment: “to add a post at least weekly between now and the end of May. At that point I will evaluate and make a decision about the future. Of course, some weeks there will be more.”

I’ve done that, mostly.

And I’ve had fun doing this, though at times, it has been a labor, as I knew it would be. There have been some distractions and added responsibilities which have made regularity and faithfulness a bit more difficult. But we have kept at it.

So, now what? Should I keep going? The end of May has come and gone. Is this worth the effort? Feel free to tell me what you think (but be kind).

This blog is for discipleship and conversation. How do I see that?

It is discipleship in that I believe my calling is to use whatever means I can to ‘put’ what I have learned ‘into’ others. Preaching is the primary aspect of that, of course, but if there are other channels that God can use, I am ready to take advantage of them.

And conversation? I enjoy seeing how others respond to ideas. I enjoy the interchange, and a blog allows for some of that. (And some of the interchange we have experienced here has been very helpful.)

So, should I keep going? I am encouraged to keep at this, at least until the end of 2007. But I would like to ask a favor of those who read this. If you think I am offering anything helpful at all, would you spread this around? This is not for my own glory, but for the glory of Christ and the strengthening of his church. If you believe this is worthwhile, let others know about this blog. Show them how to subscribe to the RSS feed. Encourage them to check in frequently.

In the meantime, I’ll try to be faithful, putting stuff up here two or three times/week as my schedule allows. I hope you find at least some of it helpful, or at least interesting.


6 thoughts on “Keep Going?

  1. Gail and Keith

    Yes, do keep it going! And, we’ll refer others. Now, let me figure out how to do that! G

  2. MagistraCarminae

    Do keep on keeping on here- I refer folks all the time, and you may have a larger readership than you think…

  3. Fiona

    Great-it’s unanimous!I currently subscribe to 4 Blogs which I thoroughly enjoy.One, is obviously yours and another is a photo-journalist, who is also a Christian. The other blogs are by a shepherdess and last but not least…an Australian artist who lives in Tuscany, Italy. When time allows, I enjoy reading these blogs for the following reasons; I am encouraged by the Christians who post and are willing to share a little bit about themselves and what God is teaching them etc. Although the other blogs might be written by non-Christians??, I am continually entertained by their comments and very interested in the information they share related to my topic of interest…(not to mention their photos and pictures of their art work!). Although I am only a “spectator” when it comes to blogging (this is my first comment ever!), I have come to appreciate the time and effort that must be involved, in creating not only an attractive post, but most importantly, an informative and interesting one! When the situation arises, I will gladly recommend your blog to my friends! Keep them coming!

  4. Fiona

    I forgot(oops!) to mention the “moral of my story” which is this:Someone might come across your blog because of a “catchy phrase” or impressed by a photo, but what you have written could be the first introduction a person might have to hearing about Christ and how He has blessed you, or what He has taught you. You may never know the full impact this might have on someone’s life. Worth the effort? Definitely.

  5. Gus

    yes – keep on keeping on; we enjoy reading – we read all your posts – tho’ we don’t comment frequently. you know we’ve spread the word half way round the world.

  6. Randy Greenwald

    Okay, okay, okay. All my friends say keep at it. If my Mom was still alive, she’d probably say the same thing. Some of you I did not know were reading still, so this is good to know. You guys are a huge encouragement to me. Thanks.

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