When I visited a man in the hospital not too long ago, he said he appreciated me coming to see him, knowing how busy I am. Busy? What does that mean?

I suppose I am ‘busy’ if by that one means that every hour of every day is filled up with something. I am a person of diverse interests and I am NEVER bored. I always have more projects out there than I have time to address. There is always something more to do. I cannot identify with those who come home after a day’s work and watch TV for two or three hours. It mystifies me.

But busy? I can give the impression of being busy by occupying myself with less important things. A pastor is no different than anyone else. We make choices, and some of them are not always good. We find time to do the things that are most important to us.

Never let me off the hook (or yourself for that matter) by assuming that my failure to do something important was because I am busy. Maybe I made wise choices that made it necessary to forgo an important task. Or maybe I was just ‘busy’ with the wrong things.

We are all busy. We all make choices. Pray that I, and you, will make the right choices.