The first rule of the blogging club is…

…is, of course, to post at a fairly even and consistent pace. And if one is unable to do so for a stretch, to let his readers, in my case, both of you, know. I have broken the first rule.

The Greenwalds last week spent a week at Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We were blissfully away from all means of communication. No cell phone reception, no internet, no electricity other than that provided by battery. I could sit, and just sit, and sit for a long period of time without guilt. What a treat! But when we liked, we could walk or play games or, and this was a high point, go salamander hunting.

The picture is of a bear cub, out with his ‘mum’ doing some people watching in Cades Cove.

It was a relaxing, though in other ways eventful (!) week, during which blogging did not cross my mind, it being totally and completely impossible.

But I’m glad to be back. Next week leaves me a single dad as Barb and the girls head off to Mississippi on a mission trip. I hope to post some things then.

2 thoughts on “The first rule of the blogging club is…

  1. MagistraCarminae

    I’m looking forward to your version of the “events”, as I have already spoken with your eldest…Chris

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