Nurture, Not Endurance

My previous post pleads for some clarification, and so I will oblige it with three quick comments:

1) My plea is that couples commit to nurture and care of their relationship. I want couples to enjoy their long term relationship, not just endure it. The goal is to end together and happy, not just together.

2) I am not underestimating the difficulty of this. I know that some men and some women are in marriages in which the challenges are great. I understand this, and I honor those who work hard and faithfully in those marriages, and I pray for them. It can and often is tough. My desire is to encourage couples young to not live off the fumes of romantic notions, but to work to build a lasting joy in their marriage.

3) I know that I can only keep my vows by the measure of God’s grace given to me. It must be done, but I’ve got to seek his grace to persevere. And, truth be told, Barb needs more grace in this than I.