Graduation Day

On December 11, 1989, the Greenwald family welcomed a new member and named her Hannah. She did not come into her family ‘in the usual way’ as most of you know. She came already four months old and ready to run our lives. Friends would wonder at the pale people who seemed to always accompany her. “Are those your parents?” She was neither white, nor black, but, as she loved to say, “a lightly toasted marshmallow.”

Over the years she grew, and struggled under the loving care and foolish foibles of her clueless parents. In time, God has had his way with her, preserving her and developing her into a lovely and gifted young woman of 17 ready, now, it seems, to run the world. How wonderfully God has blessed us.

Tonight, she graduates from high school.

People look back and say, “The time has gone so quickly.” We all know that time is relentless and even in its pace. It has not gone quickly. We have simply let too much of it pass by without notice and reflection. Hannah has emerged from the shadows of her older siblings and from the halls of time with the talents and personality given to her by her God. We continue to pray as we always have that our God would be her God, and that she would be enraptured with his love.

Hannah, we love you, and thank God for you in ways more deep than you can imagine. Congratulations on this milestone.