The Dam Holds

Over the past week I have been swimming upstream with every minute of every day and then some thoroughly booked. No time at all to update this blog.

Friday and Saturday was spent in Tampa at a special meeting of our presbytery.

Saturday night was spent with Matthew, Barb, and Colin, reconnecting with, as one person put it, my ‘inner redneck’, by attending the races at Desoto Speedway near Bradenton (the figure-8 school bus race was a must see). The picture is of me and my sons taking in some race culture.

Sunday, of course, was Sunday, with a large commitment to resting from Saturday.

Monday brought the opportunity of spending time with our longtime friend Bill Mills who was in Tampa teaching a conference. What a blessing he always is to my heart.

Tuesday was consumed with the presbytery examinations committee meeting which I chair. I was hoping to begin today updating my blog, but time has simply not allowed such luxuries.

So let me say at least that I am storing up ideas, and soon, but not immediately, the dam will break. Stay tuned.