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Being always and in every way on top of things, I today was reading and essay by Dorothy Sayers entitled ‘The Triumph of Easter.’ I was supposed to be reading her essay called ‘Why Work?,’ but I’ve inherited a bit of ADD from my son, and so got distracted. I have noticed in my preaching through Romans that Paul responds to those who misunderstand his teaching. To preach is to be misunderstood. Sayers adds this comment.

“If spiritual pastors are to refrain from saying anything that might ever, by any possibility, be misunderstood by anybody, they will end—as in fact many of them do—by never saying anything worth hearing.”

[from essays collected in a volume entitled Letters to a Diminished Church, now published by W Publishing Group, page 117]

One thought on “Quote of the Week

  1. MagistraCarminae

    What a great quote!I remember you once, after listening to a message at a cartain funeral, making me promise to shoot you if you ever had so little to say. My promise still stands, and I’ve had no need to do so!:-)

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